Tyler Brûlé


Tyler Brûlé is a prominent Canadian journalist and entrepreneur, best known for establishing Wallpaper* in 1996, which became one of the most influential style and fashion magazines of the decade. Following on Wallpaper’s success, Brule founded the design agency Winkreative, and is currently editor-in-chief of Monocle magazine.

Brûlé’s selection for the Conran Foundation Collection was a more-or-less perfect recreation of the contemporary Nordic style, as popularised through the pages of Wallpaper*. It included a fitted kitchen by Finnish manufacturers Pinjasto Oy, furniture by Jasper Morrison, a hand-crafted bed by Swedish manufacturers Hästens and an rigid inflatable boat by Delta. 


The following items from the collection have been donated to the Design Museum By the Conran Foundation


Hi-Pad Chair (1999) - Jasper Morrison - Cappellini, Italy