2003/ 2004

Thomas Heatherwick

Thomas Heatherwick’s work defies definition. Since establishing his studio in the mid-nineties, the London-based designer has worked on a wide range of projects including the new Routemaster bus, the London 2012 Olympic cauldron and the award-winning Zeitz MOCAA in South Africa. Terence Conran was one of Heatherwick’s earliest supporters, ever since they met at the Royal College of Art. During the summer of 1994 Heatherwick lived and worked at Conran’s home, building a birch gazebo in his garden and one of his earliest projects included an installation for the Conran Shop in Fulham.

Given their rich working relationship, it was only appropriate that Heatherwick should be invited to be the final participant in the Conran Foundation Collection project. Instead of a few carefully chosen pieces, the exhibition was a free-wheeling selection of products from around the world. The finished exhibition revealed the designer’s inveterate fascination with making, materials and techniques, colours, patterns and textures. It included Japanese smile wideners, Mecca alarm clocks and disposable toothbrushes, teapots with double spouts, kebab frying pans and Chinese funerary paper offerings. The finished show was a dazzling array of ideas, and a celebration of the ingenuity required to make them.


The following items from the collection have been donated to the Design Museum By the Conran Foundation


Pizza Box Bag - nappy-like bag for pizza boxes 

Two Colour Injection Mouldings - household goods moulded from two differently-coloured plastics 

Wooden Cutlery - disposable wooden cutlery 

Ty Nant water bottle, designed by Ross Lovegrove - watery water bottle 

Extendable Chopsticks - telescopic chopsticks 

Plastic Spoon - folded spoon 

Plastic Bag Holder - handle for carrying plastic bags more comfortably 

Eyelid Glue - glue for making Caucasian-style creases in Japanese eyelids 

Scrubbing Brush - washing-up brush with washing-up liquid in the handle 

Glass String - glass-impregnated kite string for cutting opponents' kite lines 

Floss Tool - flossing made as easy as brushing 

Pickle Lifter - pickle lifter from a jar of pickles 

Muji Stack Pot - pots that make lids for other pots 

Emergency Blanket - smallest, lightest garment that keeps you warm 

Evian Bottle - bottle designed to be crushed 

Baby Feeder - dummy for sucking on solid food 

Toaster Bags - silicon bag for cooking food in a toaster 

Lamp Shade - opening light bulb protector for building sites 

Chewable Toothbrush - chewable disposable toothbrush without a handle 

Jif Lemon Squeezy Bottle - packaging shaped like lemons and limes 

Cold/Hot Bottle 3M - microwaveable hot water bottle that doesn't need water 

Tongue Scrapers - tongue scrapers 

Disposable Flossers - disposable flosser with adjustable tension 

Spoon-in-lid Goods - folding spoon built into can lid 

Toothpicks with Snap-off End - toothpick with snap-off stand 

Snap Toothpicks - snap-apart multiple toothpicks 

McDonalds McFlurry cup and spoon - stirrer from ice cream mixing machine that becomes the spoon 

Nasal strip Expanders - nostril wideners 

Wonder-Bra Drawstring - adjustable cleavage bra 

Plastic Paperclips - snap-off paperclips 

Adjustable Measure Spoon - adjustable volume spoon 

Bird Spikes - bird discomforter 

M2A Camera Capsule - ingestible intestine camera 

Party Clips - glass clip that leaves hand free to hold fork 

Telescopic Glass + Integral Pill Box - pill box with built-in water glass 

Cigarettes - tobacco brand image ruined by messages of doom 

Novelty lighter - Cigarette cigarette lighter 

IceCream Scoop - non-stick icecream scoop with antifreeze in handle 

Quantas Photo/Sick Bag - innovative combined sick bag and photo-processing envelope 

Paper Water Cones - water cups that can't be put down with water in 

Breast Guard - breastguard for contact sports 

Inflateable Doll Puncture Repair Kit - emergency repair kit 

Berlin Wall Postcard - postcard that contains masonry 

Berlin Wall Piece - souvenir made of rubble 

Toothbrush & Paste in One - toothbrush with built-in toothpaste 

Moon Cup - silicon cup worn internally to collect menstrual fluid 

Dr Skud - functional perforations provide a free picture 

Tip N Tell - detects if parcels have been turned upside down in the post 

Kebab Frying Pan - donor kebab meat catcher 

Over the Top Sunglasses - sunglasses that clip over the head 

Indicator Gloves - cycling gloves with indicators 

Anyway-Up Cup - cup that can be turned upside-down without spilling 

Earlarm - ear-mounted alarm clock to wake commuters before their stop 

Ice-cube bag - self-sealing bag for making ice cubes 

Ice-cream cone - injection-moulded wafer 

Reusable Sanitary Pads - reusable sanitary towel 

Rubiks Cube - the genius of Erno Rubik 

Bottled Water Adaptors - teat that enables babies to drink from normal bottles 

Babys First Toothbrush - toothbrush that a baby can't choke on 

Fingertip Silicon Toothbrush - turns mother's finger into baby's toothbrush 

Eurostar Foam Mugs - insulated paper cup that doesn't burn fingers 

Scrubbing Glove - scrubbing pads in the shape of gloves 

Baby Bowl and Interesting Forks - suckered baby bowl with nice-shaped cutlery 

Pearl Shell Text - good health message grown into pearl oyster's shell 

Baby Spoons - soft-edged spoon 

Mouth Widener -smile widener 

Trellis Folding Hangers - trellis folding hanger 

Feather Brushes - brush made with wing feathers not bristles 

Cornstarch Cutlery - cutlery made from cornstarch 

Havdalah Candles - plaited candle 

Ritual Handwashing Jug - injection-moulded jug used in Jewish ritual hand-washing 

Flask with Integral Luchbox - bottle lid sandwich box 

Crazy Lenses - tiny plastic pieces that transform the appearance 

Thinning Scissors - hairdressing scissors that don’t cut every hair 

Blue Xray Plasters - plaster that can be detected by x-ray checking machine in food factory 

Inflatable Body Cast - inflatable splint 

Anti Milking Device - spiked nose ring for goat to deter her from suckling own udder 

Nail Disc - fingernail packaging 

Ceramic Scissors - ceramic-bladed scissors 

Skin Bleach - skin bleach 

Mini Parasols - folding drink decoration 

2 Spout Tea Pot - kettle with separate spouts for tea and water 

Collapsable Fishing Basket - collapsible fisherman's basket 

Disposable Cut Throat Razors - disposable cut-throat razor 

Mosque Alarm Clock - mosque clock with call to prayer chanting alarm 

Cogs - cast polymer cogs 

Puzzle Rings - puzzle ring discourages its removal for extra-marital liaisons 

Cutlery Again - plastic knives reintroduced on aeroplanes after 9-11 

Ikea Tape measure - disposable tape measure 

Angled Cups - parallelogram cup that's easier for baby to drink from 

Coronary stent - coronary stent to enlarge blocked veins 

Plastic Lace - simulated lace 

Easi Grip Scissors - easily gripped scissors 

Paper offerings - Chinese paper replica of goods that are posted to the deceased by burning 

Paper Offerings - Chinese paper replica goods sent to dead ancestors by burning 

Water Bottle - runner's bottle that's easy to hold when running 

Bendy Forks - cutlery that can be bent to suit the user 

Lightbulb - bulb that is its own lampshade 

Polystyrene chip cones - insulated chip packaging 

Clip-on Tie - anti-strangle tie 

Glovers - glovers': gloves for holding hands 

Jar opener - gripping device for bottle and jar lids 

Cafetiere mugs, designed by Sebastian Conran - mug that is also a personal coffee-maker 

Cook Set (camping) - ring of pipes that draws heat up sides of camping pan 

Eyelid Hold downs - eyeball cups for keeping the eyes closed of a dead body 

Anti-fly posting paint - anti-fly posting paint 

Fag tags - smoker’s revenge sticker 

Paper ketchup cups - ketchup portion control 

Confetti mail - divorce confetti