Janice Kirkpatrick


 Graphic designer Janice Kirkpatrick is one of the founder of Graven Images, an inter-disciplinary design agency based in Glasgow. Established in 1985, the firm was one of only a handful of design companies in Scotland, but has since grown to develop a strong international focus. Now known as Graven, the firm is recognised world-wide as an industry-leading expert with a key focus on collaboration, of working with others and of developing new networks. 

Kirkpatrick’s selection for the Conran Foundation Collection reflected as much her sense of humour and belief in design as being accessible and egalitarian, consisting of, amongst other things, motorcycle safety jackets, Daz detergent powder, Michael Young’s range of furniture and a tattoo by Terry’s Tattoo Parlour (based on the NRG spark plug packaging). As well as broadening the public understanding of what constituted ‘design’, Kirkpatrick’s eclectic selection also demonstrated a keen understanding of design as a way of challenging the barriers between creative disciplines. 


The following items from the collection have been donated to the Design Museum By the Conran Foundation


Dainese motorcycle safety jacket - Dainese, Italy 

‘Diablo’ motorcycle gloves - Fieldsheer 

Packaging for NKG Spark Plugs - NKG 

Packaging for Daz detergent - Proctor & Gamble 

Doors of Perception: A Tomato Project - Tomato - Tomato, UK 

Magazine Sofa (1994) - Michael Young - E&Y, Japan 

Magazine side table - Michael Young - E&Y, Japan 

Emigre Fonts catalogue (1996) - Rudy VanderLans & Zuzana Licko - Emigre Fonts, USA 

Emigre Fonts stationery (1996) - Rudy VanderLans & Zuzana Licko - Emigre Fonts, USA 

Emigre ‘Citizen’ floppy disk (1986) - Zuzana Licko - Emigre Fonts, USA 

Emigre ‘Placelet’ floppy disk (1993) - Conor Mangat - Emigre Fonts, USA 

Emigre ‘Totally Gothic’ floppy disk (1990) - Zuzana Licko - Emigre Fonts, USA