Jasper Morrison


Known for thinking outside the box, Jasper Morrison is one of the most successful British industrial designers of the past few decades. After studying at the Royal College of Art, he founded his own office in 1986 and forged partnerships with important manufacturers such as Aramj, SCP, Cappellini and Vitra. Morrison’s designs can be found in homes and offices across the world, including important pieces such as the HAL Tube Chair, the Glo-Ball Pendant Light and the Air Chair.

For the Conran Foundation Collection, Morrison collected objects that reflected his approach to design; reducing things to their functional essentials without compromising on form or usability. The selection of objects ranged from Hans Coray’s Landi chair to Andries and Hiroko Van Onck’s mobile vegetable rack, from a Michelin map to Stefano Giovanni’s toilet brush for Alessi. He was self-confident enough to choose a number of his own designs, including the Bottle Rack for Magis and his doorhandle series for German manufacturers FSB.


The following items from the collection have been donated to the Design Museum By the Conran Foundation


Silver (1989) - Vico Magistretti - De Padova, Italy 

Landi (1938) - Hans Coray - MEWA, Switzerland 

Dove (1990) - Andries & Hiroko Van Onck - Magis, Italy 

Throw Away Sofa (1965) - Willie Landels - Zanotta, Italy 

Caddie shopping trolley - Raul Barbieri - Magis, Italy

Shoe Garage (1992) - Toshiyuki Kita - Magis, Italy 

Zike (1992) - Sir Clive Sinclair - Sinclair Research, UK 

Water pitcher - Sagar International, India

Brera pendant lamp (1992) - Achille Castiglioni - Flos, Italy 

Bottle Rack (1994) - Jasper Morrison - Magis, Italy 

GM80 vacuum cleaner - Nilfisk, Sweden

Merdolini Toilet Brush (1993)  - Stefano Giovannoni - Alessi, Italy 

Girotondo (1989) - Stefano Giovannoni & Guido Venturini - Alessi, Italy 

870 cocktail shaker (1957) - Carlo Mazzeri & Luigi Massoni - Alessi, Italy 

Ice bucket (1957) - Carlo Mazzeri & Luigi Massoni - Alessi, Italy 

MR 300 hand blender and container (1987) - Ludwig Littmann - Braun, Germany 

‘Havana’ stacking ashtrays (1992) - Tuttiquanti - Cappellini, Italy 

Michelin map no. 954: ‘Africa: North East’ (1994) - Michelin, France

Alfie Thermos (1993) - Ross Lovegrove & Julian Brown - Heiss & Kalt, Germany 

Sigg water bottle - Sigg, Switzerland 

Sony ICF-480L transistor radio (1991) - Sony, Japan 

Sony SPP-55 cordless telephone (1992) - Sony, Japan 

MUJI display book - MUJI, Japan 

MUJI propelling pencil - MUJI, Japan 

MUJI business card file - MUJI, Japan 

Seibu paper bag - Seibu, Japan 

Fuji Provia 400 slide film - Fujichrome, Japan 

Doorhandle series (1992) - Jasper Morrison - FSB, Germany 

Paper clips - Norica, Germany 

Sensor Excel shaver (1993) - Gillette, USA 

Saki drinks can - Sakari, Japan 

Lufthansa refreshment towel - Coolike-Regerny, Germany 

Salt & pepper sachets - British Airways, UK 

Sugar sachet - Doutor, Japan 

Titiana pendant lamp (1989) - Alberto Meda & Paolo Rizzatto - Luceplan, Italy 

Metropoli wall/ceiling lamp (1992) - Alberto Meda & Paolo Rizzatto - Luceplan, Italy 

Costanza standard lamp (1986) - Paolo Rizzatto - Luceplan, Italy 

Tolomeo Tavolo (1989) - Michele de Lucchi & Giancarlo Fassina - Artemide, Italy 

Ashtray on Stand (1993) - Andreas Brandolini - Cappellini, Italy 

Valextra Milano - Luigi Mosdu - Valextra, Italy 

Valextra attache case - Valextra, Italy 

Chinon Super Fine Optics 8 x 42 - Chinon, Japan 

Bird Feeder Model A-6-3 - Droll Yankees Inc., USA 

Atlas Table System (1992) - Jasper Morrison - Alias, Italy 

‘Grande Spina’ cupboard - Andrea Branzi - Design Gallery, Milan