Carol Vorderman


Carol Vorderman is one of the most notable British media personalities of the twentieth century, best known for co-hosting the popular game show Countdown for 26 years. She is also known as an advocate for design and new technologies, having been a presenter of Tomorrow’s World and programmes about high-tech home makeovers, information technology, engineering and mathematics.  

Vorderman’s selection for the Conran Foundation Collection in 1999 aimed to show how designers were meeting the needs of our more flexible, teleworking lives. It consisted of a mock-up of a working woman’s home, and included a range of important technological innovations such as a Palm Pilot V and a Casio CMD-40 watch, which could also double as a television remote-control through the use of infra-red technology. 


The following items from the collection have been donated to the Design Museum By the Conran Foundation


Aeron office chair (1994) - Bill Chadwick & Don Stumpf - Herman Miller, USA 

Casio CMD-40 Wrist Remote Controller (1994) - Casio, Japan 

Palm V (1999) - IDEO - 3Com, USA